The past year we’ve been dealing with a worldwide shortage in raw materials, lack of available shipping containers, and the seemingly endless money-printing of Euro’s and US dollars by our governments; all as the result of the COVID-19 situation, which is still a part of our daily lives and most likely will remain for an extended period.

Unfortunately, the shortages in raw materials are having a direct influence on our production chain; the cotton price has been rising ever since. The lack of containers has created a spike in logistical costs; normally we ship all our Japanese fabrics by boat, but with lead-times leading up to 4-6 months in transit time alone, we had to make the, not-so-sustainable, decision to send everything by air. And the increasing supply of major currencies has caused inflation worldwide; wages have gone up at all our production sources.

Since the launch of BENZAK in 2013 we have tried to maintain the same prices, even if that meant cutting down our own margin a bit. Unfortunately, the above-mentioned developments have created an unsustainable situation. For that reason, a large part of our collection will increase in price as of 2022. Most products will go up 3-6%, some up to 10%, but luckily for a bunch of (mostly) newer products we are able to maintain the current prices.

With the current global situation this has been inevitable; it’s also normal practice in our field of work, but we’d like to be fully transparent with you about these changes. However, due to our concept being heavily focused on stock service - of which is already produced and in stock in our warehouse - we will be able to guarantee all current prices till the end of the year.

Many thanks for your continuous support and I’m looking forward to presenting you all the amazing new stuff that we have in the pipeline for release coming year.


All the best,

Lennaert Nijgh


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