AW19 studio event & Denim Days Festival

AW19 studio event & Denim Days Festival

Last week was jam-packed with a whole load of events and connecting with great people. Thank you to all that stopped by the BENZAK studio for our AW19 event and our stand at the Denim Days Festival. We're more than thankful for the support you have all given us over the past 6 years. We definitely look forward to catching you guys at more of our events and the wider community gatherings. So, here's a few highlights from last weeks happenings.

the swiss jeans freak and benzak denim developers faded japanese denim

twerd.mfg and sennah0 with benzak denim developers aw19 collection at the benzak aw19 collection

benzak japanese denim with collect denim mills during amsterdam denim days festival and aw19 collection event. Collect denim mills collaboration with benzak denim developers 21.5 oz juggernaut denim with benzak denimdevelopers BDJ-01 denim jacket

andreasbergstrom83 visiting benzak denim developers during amsterdam denim days festival

amsterdam denim days festival benzak aw19 collection event

23oz.indigo with benzak denim developers at amsterdam denim days festival 2019

benzakdenim developers showcasing the w-01 straight women's sustainable jeans

calgeary visiting benzak denim developers for amsterdam denim days festival 2019

benzak denim developers japanese selvedge denim. denim made in japan by small batch artisanal factories.

BS-03 HOODIE SWEAT heavy grey melee sweat, benzak heavy sweat hoody. made in europe

swissjeansfreak wearing benzak denim developers green cast denim and showcasing his swiss jeans freak candiani denim jeans

denim dudes talking about raw japanese selvedge denim at the benzak denim days festival event aw19 collection launch

japanese raw selvedge denim faded from benzak denim developers. made in japan and designed in amsterdam

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