When we started development our AW21 collection back in the Summer 2020, we had just released our BWS-01 WORK SHIRT only few months prior to that. Yet, we knew that shirts would become our next major category of clothing, besides our jeans, chinos, and denim jackets. But all the upcoming developments were based off either workwear or military attire. To diversify the shirting offering, we had to introduce a more contemporary design, without losing a close connection to our roots: denim. The answer to our self-assigned challenge had to be a simple and clean design, that could bridge the gap between denim and classic shirting. There was only one logical conclusion to draw from this: our new shirt had to inspired by the classic button-down shirt.

In this photo blog we introduce our version of this iconic shirt style, the BDS-02 ONE POCKET SHIRT in a Japanese 8 oz. tinted denim fabric.


The BDS-02 ONE POCKET SHIRT is a contemporary take on a classic button-down shirt. The shirt features one chest pocket with a slanted opening and rounded bottom to follow the chest’s contour. The back side features a classic box pleat, that allows for better movement.



The 8 oz. TINTED DENIM is inspired by vintage US military denim fabrics and gets it dark tone from the tinted weft yarns. We’re now using this light-weight denim exclusively for shirting. It’s soft yet durable and suitable for both work and leisure. Woven by Collect Mills in Japan.

December 29, 2021