BENZAK 5-year anniversary recap

BENZAK 5-year anniversary recap

Last year we celebrated 5 years of BENZAK, and what an awesome 5 years it's been. To mark our 5-year anniversary we rolled out a series of brand collaborations with some good friends. It's fair to say, with all of the collaborations throughout the year it's been pretty memorable. We couldn't have done it without our creative partners. We give a huge special thanks to Candiani Denim, Deymond Goods, Blue Print Amsterdam, Tenue de Nîmes, and johnny Loco.

Candiani Denim: special #2 15 oz. vintage indigo selvedge

candiani denim and benzak denim developers european denim brand collaboration. B-01 SLIM special #2 15 oz. vintage indigo selvedge

We kicked off the 5YA celebrations with a killer collaboration. Alberto and Simon from Candiani Denim have been long-time supporters of the BENZAK brand. They've expressed their appreciation for the brand many times. It was only when Alberto thought we needed a kick of European flavour in the BENZAK collection that we put our heads together to create something special. One of the stand-out features of the special #2 fabric is the orange and blue selvedge. This not only adds a creative detail to the denim fabric, it also represents the relationship between us and Candiani Denim. You can see Len, Alberto and Simon take you through the full BENZAK x Candiani Denim collaboration right here.


benzak denim developers vegetable tanned leather belt 5YA collaboration. dyemond goods are designed, developed and made by hand. sustainably made goods.

As a brand who focuses on style, functionality, fabrics and details we thought to create something that goes hand in hand with our core products, a beautifully crafted vegetable tanned leather belt. Len and Mike (Dyemond Goods) have known each for a fair amount of time. It's one of those relationships that has evolved over time through trade shows, Dutch denim culture, and industry events. Mike started Dyemond Goods whilst he was in Jean School, this was roughly around the same time as Len started to get the ball rolling with BENZAK. Len and Mike always knew they wanted to collab on some kind of level. The 5YA provided the perfect platform to do so. We love offering up quality goods to our community. A belt is something we haven't thought about producing ourselves yet. So, we thought we'd get the artisanal leather specialists involved. Having a great relationship with brands such as Dyemond goods allows us to provide you guys with outstanding goods.

The belt has a minimal design. It's a 4mm vegetable-tanned cognac leather with hand burnished and polished edges. The 100% brass buckle is rich in colour and will age beautifully over time, and the horseshoe buckle shape pays homage to our modern-day cowboy motto. Or should we say way of life. Check out the belt here.

BENZAK x Blue Print Amsterdam

blue print amsterdam natural indigo dyed t-shirts. hand made and hand indigo dyed in amsterdam blue print studio with benzak denim developers.

The Blue Print collaboration came about through yet another long-lasting friendship. Celia is the founder and head honcho of natural indigo dyeing studio Blue Print Amsterdam. After spending time in Japan learning the age-old art of indigo dyeing Celia rolled out her dream business. As you may well know hand dyeing with natural indigo isn't the most efficient way of dyeing garments. This is one of the reasons why the collab is so special. We created a limited run of natural indigo dyed tees and henleys in celebration of our 5-year anniversary.
The BT-01 POCKET TEE and BLS-02 L/S HENLEY are simple silhouettes from our core basics line. They were our go-to option for the dyeing process. The collab is all about the unique blue hue and the relationship between fabric and dye. Another very subtle feature of the collab that really pieces it all together is the special cotton and polyester collaboration label. Indigo dye does not bind with polyester. The label artwork (made from polyester) pops out of the label as the indigo only attaches to the cotton parts of the label. We thought this was a really nice way of showing the way indigo dye works with cotton. Denim Talk no.12 features Len and Celia taking you through the process of the indigo dyeing. Click here to check it out

BDDxTDN-006 indigo x indigo 14 oz. RHT

tenue de nimes and benzak denim developers japanese denim collaboration. Amsterdam denim brand japanese denim collaboration. BDDxTDN-006 indigo x indigo collaboration
We've been working with Tenue de Nimes since day one. We established ourselves as a brand 5 years ago and Tenue de Nimes was our very first retailer. Tenue de Nimes is a strong brand in the style and denim world. We've had a great relationship with them over the years and collaborating on such a special occasion was a no-brainer. Marking our 5 years working with Tenue de Nimes, our own 5-year anniversary, and their 10-year anniversary we created the BDDxTDN-006. We chose the BDD-006 fit as the silhouette for the collab as it's the best selling fit of ours at Tenue de Nimes. We wanted to create something super special that would stand out in its own subtle way. The 14 oz. indigo x indigo selvedge is woven by Collect in Kojima, Okayama, Japan. The name indigo x indigo comes from its literal definitive features. We looked at the collab opportunity to create jeans that would be unique for the avid denim and indigo lover. By combining all of these small details and keeping the full indigo theme at the forefront of design, we knew we would create an amazing product together. You can check out the jeans and read all about the BENZAK & Tenue de Nimes collaboration here.

Johnny Loco indigo dip sunglasses

johnny loco sunglasses and benzak denim developers indigo dip carl zeiss sunglasses made in collaboration for the 5YA of benzak

Our fifth and final 5YA collaboration came in the form of an unexpected product. One that you would not usually associate a denim brand with. Len and Louis (Johnny Loco) know each other from their youth football club. Fast forward a few years and we both share the same vision for high-quality products produced in Europe, and Louis has been an advocate of BENZAK ever since we launched. Taking inspiration from one of our previous collaborations (Blue Print Amsterdam) Len wanted to emulate the indigo dye dipping process. The lenses are semi-flat with subtle green Carl Zeiss CR-39 anti-reflective lenses. The frame is a limited edition Italian Cellulose Acetate dipped in a BENZAK blue gradient colouring made by Mazzucchelli in a laboratory project. The style has durable 5-barrel rivet hinges for maximum strength and sturdiness. You can read all about the BDD x Johnny Loco collab here. All in all, the sunglasses were a great way to finish up the 5YA celebration collaborations.

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