It’s not just any denim, it’s Japanese denim, the very fabric that kickstarted the BENZAK brand. When starting out it was only right that we set the bar high. We knew that our first collection had to be the sole representation of what BENZAK stands for. The initial aim was to create jeans that have awesome fading capabilities and last for a lengthy amount of time. Of course, this comes with all the other beautiful features that we had in mind for our first collection. So, let’s get stuck into the details and introduce you to the five main fabrics that form the backbone of our ‘Made in Japan’ line.


BDD BENZAK made in Japan Japanese denim selvedge BDD-006 deep indigo 15.7 oz. RHT

Deep indigo, the fabric weighs in at 15.7 oz. with a high-tension compact weave. This simply means that little white pops through the surface. The warp has been dipped in indigo more than our other fabrics which creates an extra dark blue colour. Our deep indigo has been purposely crafted to achieve high contrasting fades. If that’s something you’re looking for then our BDD-006 deep indigo 15.7 oz. RHT will do the job.


BDD BENZAK made in Japan Japanese denim selvedge selvage BDD-711 grey blue 13.5 oz. LHT

Our grey blue fabric is both light in weight and colour. Weighing in at an easy 13.5 oz. with a left hand twill construction. This means the fabric has a short break in time and is comfortable from the get-go. Due to the colour, weight, and construction combined, you shouldn’t expect too much fading. One of our favourite features on the grey blue denim is the plain selvedge ID. We believe this adds a clean-cut minimal feeling to the denim, with a kick of sophistication. High-level fading isn’t for everyone, so having a pair of BDD-711 grey blue 13.5 oz. LHTs in your denim rotation is a sure-fire way to mix things up.


BDD BENZAK made in Japan Japanese denim selvedge BDD-006 heavy slub 16 oz. RHT

The heavy slub 16 oz. RHT was introduced back in 2015, it was an instant hit with our community. It may be similar in weight to the deep indigo, yet it’s crafted in a totally different way. In comparison to the deep indigo, the heavy slub feels different, fades different, and has been woven at a low tension. If you're new to the indigo way of life, then you might be thinking: “What is this ‘slub’ word we keep using?” Well, slubs are the thicker sections along a piece of yarn. This gives the fabric more depth and character. You’ve also probably guessed by now that the heavy slub is woven with slub yarns. If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that subtly fades, then our BDD-711 & BDD-006 heavy slub 16 oz. RHT are the perfect choices for you. That is of course if you can withstand the heavy weight of 16 oz. on a daily basis. Look on the bright side, due to the loose low tension weave, the fabric softens up quickly and becomes more comfortable faster than the deep indigo.


BDD BENZAK made in Japan Japanese denim selvedge selvage BDD-006 BDD-707 special #1 low tension 14 oz. RHT

As the ‘Made in Japan’ line started to take shape, we knew there was one key ingredient missing, a 14 oz. denim. Our special #1 low tension is the first BDD exclusive fabric developed in collaboration with Japanese mill Collect Denim. Weighing in at a glorious 14 oz. this fabric holds a special place in our hearts. If you’re familiar with Lennaert’s denim ideology, you’ll most likely know that he believes 14 oz. is the best weight for all-year-round wear. Just like the heavy slub, the denim is woven at a low tension with a lower volume of slub yarns. This makes for a great versatile fabric. The unique selvedge ID has special significance to the process of natural indigo dying. Before denim reaches its rich blue colour, the yarn is rope dyed. Rope dying is the process of dipping the cotton yarns into large indigo vats multiple times. When first dipping the yarns the initial colour is yellow, they then slowly oxidize into a green colour. After soaking up the dye and continuously being dipped, the desired dark blue hue is finally obtained. For this symbolic reason we choose yellow and green as the two selvedge colours for our special #1 low tension 14 oz. RHT fabric.


BDD BENZAK made in Japan Japanese denim selvedge selvage BDD-006 green cast 15 oz. RHT

The fifth fabric used in the ‘Made in Japan’ line is a 15 oz. green cast denim. The fabric is constructed from Zimbabwean cotton. This type of cotton is known for its long staple fibres, this creates a very soft yet strong textile. The denim is a classic right hand twill, it's flatter and has a much smoother surface than the other types of twills. As the name states, our green cast fabric has a slightly greenish tone to it. With a hefty bit of wear and tear the denim will become greener as it matures. Nothing goes without purpose at BENZAK, we selected this very fabric as it has a deep heritage in the world of denim. Although we're not a heritage brand we still like to fuse parts of the past with the future. The fabric has been developed to replicate a vintage indigo colour that was found on a load of deadstock fabric from decades ago.

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