BENZAK SS19 drop 2

BENZAK SS19 drop 2

So, here we are again. As you’ve probably seen via Instagram, Facebook and various other sources, we’ve been all about the jackets so far this season. Our BDJ-02 RIDER JACKET was the big talking point over the past few weeks. We’re super proud of bringing another of Lennaert’s ideas to life, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

The ‘real’ Spring Summer season is upon us… Well, what we mean by that is; we hope for sunshine longer than an hour, and minimal grey skies. Anyhow, onwards and upwards, we’re proud to present SS19 drop 2 to you.  If drop 1 had your blue blood boiling, then drop 2 will sure cool things down. We’ve got a real treat lined up for you.

To kick things off, we’ve gone full Spring Summer with our BC-01 TAPERED CHINO. Breathable, crisp, and weighing in at 7.5 oz. This lightweight cotton-linen blend will be your go-to bit of legwear throughout those warmer months. The selvedge fabric is woven just like denim; with a coloured warp and an off-white weft. The BC-01’s have been constructed with a regular top block to ensure extra comfort on hot days, and tapered legs to hold a slimmer more casual look. If you’re familiar with our signature B-03 fit, then you’ll know what we’re talking about.

BENZAK BC-01 tapered chino for SS19 in a cotton-linen blend and the BENZAK BP-02 PATCH POCKET PANTS for SS19 in a cotton-linen blend

After the success of our previous PATCH POCKET PANTS, it was only right to bring them back into the collection. The BP-02 PATCH POCKET PANTS are based on the same pattern as last seasons model. Although, this time around the BP-02s feature two fatigue style patch pockets on the front; and two workwear style pockets on the back. For this style, we chose the green version of the cotton-linen fabric. As always, we like to modernise our fits. And considering the silhouette of the pants, the green pays homage to its not so distant ancestors.

If you thought we were done with jackets this season then we’re sorry to say you thought wrong. Our beloved BDJ-01 COWBOY JACKET is making a special appearance during SS19. In a lightweight 7.5 oz. sand linen selvedge, our brand new BDJ-01 is an absolute looker. Oozing with effortless style, and summer vibes. The fabrics weight and weave contribute towards the breathability and comfy texture. The jacket features contrast indigo dyed yarn, our staple bull embroidery, vintage-inspired pleats, and is cut a bit longer for an updated fit. Let’s not forget to mention, on colder days the BDJ-01 can be worn as a shirt. The BDJ-01 subtly combines vintage worker style with an urbanised look, and we couldn’t be happier with how it came to fruition. Our BC-01, BP-02, and BDJ-01 linin fabrics are all woven by the well-known Italian mill, Berto.

benzak denim developers BDJ-01 cowboy jacket, denim jacket crafted with an italian cotton-linen blend. A suitable jacket for the spring summer months

What better way to finish up a drop than to introduce you to our latest addition to the ‘made in Japan’ line. The BDD-711 14 oz. black black RHT features all of the Japanese goodness that its indigo counterparts do, other than the weight and colour of course. Dyed with sulphur and geared up for some awesome fades. To top off this iteration of the BDD-711, we’ve used full black detailing. Everything from the yarn to the hardware is black on black.

benzak denim developers black denim jeans made in japan BDD-711

That’s all for SS19 drop 2, click here to check out all of our NEW gear online.

Thanks for stopping by and reading another BENZAK blog. We’ll catch you later for our next special release. And what a surprise it will be

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