BENZAK x Blue Print Amsterdam - Indigo Dyed tees

BENZAK x Blue Print Amsterdam - Indigo Dyed tees

We've teamed up with Blue Print Amsterdam to bring you a limited run of natural indigo dyed tees and henleys. Celia (founder of Blue Print Amsterdam) is a long-time friend of ours, it was only a matter of time before we collaborated. Well, we all knew it would involve natural indigo dyeing, it was just a matter of deciding what was going to get the full blue treatment.

Celia learned the age-old indigo dyeing technique during a lengthy stint in Japan. Hand dyeing with natural indigo isn't the most efficient way of dyeing garments, that's one of the reasons why it's so special. It takes time, care and the right kind of ingredients for the desired results. Indigo dyeing is a true art form and Celia has absolutely nailed it.

The BT-01 POCKET TEE and BLS-02 L/S HENLEY are simple silhouettes from our core basics line; both crafted for comfort and everyday wear. The henley features the classic 3 button placket and our signature bull embroidery logo. The tee is a heavy jersey knit weighing in at 210 gsm featuring a single chest pocket on the top left side. Both products are 100% cotton and produced in Portugal.

Each item has gone through the rigorous dying process to produce an awesome end product. Celia hand dyed each item herself. They are pre-treated so the fabric can fuse with the dye in the most optimal way possible. After pre-treatment, they're dipped into the indigo vat up to 6 times. This is definitely a patience game; it takes approximately 30 minutes to fully dye each one. Post-dipping, Celia thoroughly rinses and leaves them in a watery vinegar solution overnight. All in all, each item takes 1 hour from start to finish.

We're more than happy with how the collaboration has turned out. They've definitely come up trumps. Lennaert's knowledge of fabrics, production and design, combined with Celia’s indigo dying magic has proven to be invaluable when creating the tees.

For this run of products, Blue Print has used one of the finest qualities of natural indigo dye; sourced from Central America and commonly known as 'Guatemalan indigo'. Indigo suffruticosa comes from a tropical indigo plant, when used as dye it produces a super bright indigo colour that stays true to its roots even after wash and wear.


Benzak x blue print amsterdam Presents Natural Indigo Dyed Shirt & Henley, hand dyed with natural indigo dye in amsterdam


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