BENZAK x Tenue de Nimes 5YA collaboration

BENZAK x Tenue de Nimes 5YA collaboration

It was only a matter of time before we hooked back up with good friends and well-known Dutch style retailer Tenue De Nimes to create a little bit of indigo magic. It wasn't long before we knew what was going to go down between us. Denim, indigo, selvedge, Japan...we'll leave the rest to you. In celebration of our 5th anniversary, and Tenue de Nimes 10th anniversary, we've come together to create a very limited edition pair of jeans, the BDDxTDN-006 indigo x indigo 14 oz. RHT.

benzak denim developers and tenue de nimes double indigo x indigo collaboration

Over the past few months we've rolled out a fair few collaborations, this has got to be one of the best to date. But, before we delve into the details of this fine looking pair of jeans; let's backtrack and let you in on why this collaboration runs just that bit deeper than the indigo in the yarns.

We've been working with Tenue de Nimes since day one. We established ourselves as a brand 5 years ago and Tenue de Nim was our very first retailer. As developers of highly sought after products and always looking to innovate within the niche, Tenue de Nimes seemed like the most fitting place to start. High-quality products, meaningful design, sustainable production, and just a whole lot of style. Our core values aligned, and here we are today.

The collab jeans: BDDxTDN-006

The anniversary jeans use a combination of BENZAK and Tenue de Nimes names. The BDDxTDN-006 follows the exact BDD-006 fit from our core "made in Japan" line. Our BDD-006 is a slim fit with a modern mid-rise, snug thighs and slim legs; It's also been part of our collection from the very beginning and sold byTenue de Nimes since its inception. Due to the popularity of the fit, we both thought there was no better choice than this for the collaboration.

japanese selvedge denim, benzak denim developers and tenue de nimes double indigo x indigo collaboration

The 14 oz. indigo x indigo Selvedge is woven by Collect in Kojima, Okayama, Japan. The name indigo x indigo comes from its literal definitive features. Both the warp and weft are indigo dyed, resulting in a uniquely deep blue colour with incredible fading potential. After a few weeks of wear, the primary stress areas will soften up and develop characteristics of their own. You'll start to see the bright blue hue pop through before the white core of the yarns become visible. 

Due to the nature of the collaboration, and what the jeans mean to both brands; we decided to kick things up a notch and squeeze in some extra intricate details. Instead of using our stock brass and copper coloured threads, we opted for three different tones of blue yarn. One of our favourite details on the jeans is the iconic Tenue de Nimes logo stitched onto the coin pocket. The vegetable tanned leather patch is a one-off custom feature playing a key role in bringing the indigo compilation together in the most effortless way possible. The patch is embossed with the word Kojima in Japanese, and the three Xs that are synonymous with the city of Amsterdam. The BDDxTDN-006 has been completely constructed in Kojima, Japan. 

benzak denim developers and tenue de nimes double indigo x indigo collaboration

It's always a pleasure when collaborating with Tenue de Nimes. We both believe the BDDxTDN-006 is a true representation of our flourishing relationship. From one brand to another, we're sure this isn't the last of our joint efforts.

You can check out the BDDxTDN-006 right here

Product Details:

  • slim fit / slim straight legs
  • 14 oz. Japanese selvedge denim from Collect Mills (JP)
  • US cotton blend
  • 100% cotton, right hand twill
  • sanforized
  • heavy chambray pocketing
  • hidden 6th pocket
  • hidden rivets
  • 'Kojima vs. Amsterdam' debossed leather patch
  • made in Japan
  • limited to 60 pieces

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