We’ve asked our buddy Matt Willson from Cee Are Dee to take a look at the AW21 collection, and give his honest like-it-is thoughts. Instead of just doing a straight review, he suggested it would be far more interesting to go through the collection and put together a full outfit, thereby looking at all the details and get into what the brand is all about. We simply loved this idea and give him the OK to create a total BENZAK look, which kickstarted this new mini-series: How To Put Together An Outfit with Selvedge Denim. 

In the last episode, It Ain't Subtle. But I Like That!!! Benzak Check Flannel Work Shirt Review. Oh, it's also THE END, Matt adds the final piece to his outfit. It’s the BWS-01 flannel work shirt and to stay consistent with the colour scheme, Matt chose the yellow & blue check. He goes over all the details that can be found in the shirt, and creates different outfits by combining all the garments from the past episodes.

Missed part 3? You can check it out here.


January 26, 2022