CEE ARE DEE REVIEWS PT.2: cotton & linen

CEE ARE DEE REVIEWS PT.2: cotton & linen

We’ve partnered up with Cee Are Dee’s Matt Wilson to create a series of product reviews for their YouTube channel.

In the second episode he will take a deep dive in all Spring/Summer '21 items containing some percentage of linen in the composition: BC-01 TAPERED CHINO and BWS-01 WORK SHIRT in two colour options...

BWS-01 WORK SHIRT 8 oz. organic cotton & linen denim

Our 8 oz. organic cotton & linen denim is woven by one of the most sustainable denim mills in the world, Candiani Denim, Italy. The fabric is constructed from 54% organic cotton, 28% cotton and 18% linen. The light-weight 8 oz. fabric is woven just like a normal denim fabric, although the combination of fibres used make this a perfect choice for shirting. It’s available in indigo and black.

BC-01 TAPERED CHINO 8.5 oz. linen selvedge

The 8.5 oz. linen selvedge is also woven by Candiani Denim. The fabric is light-weight and constructed from 80% cotton and 20% linen. It’s an ideal summer fabric with the appeal of normal denim, and hosts amplified breathability due to the linen fabrication. The warp yarns are grey cast and the weft has a soft brown hue caused by the linen fibres. Available here.

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