DENIM TALK No. 16: Introducing the BDD 516

DENIM TALK No. 16: Introducing the BDD 516

The BENZAK Denim Talk series continue -- the subject of episode no. 16 is the latest addition to our 'made in Japan' fit offering: BDD-516.

This brand-new silhouette is a high rise, slim tapered cut. In this video we mainly focus on the differences between the BDD-516, and the already-popular slim fit BDD-006, which is significantly different. Therefore, both cuts hold their unique position in the BENZAK fit lineup.


The BDD-516 is a slim fitting silhouette with a high rise, snug thighs and slim tapered legs. It can be considered our Japanese-made equivalent of the B-01 SLIM. It’s the ideal fit for anyone looking for a higher version of the BDD-006, or aiming for slimmer fitting option compared to the BDD-711.


HEAVY SLUB denim is a heavy 16 oz. fabric woven with slubby yarns. This creates additional comfort as well as contributing towards the interesting high-low contrast fading after wear and wash. ⁠The slubby yarns add depth and character to denim as well as help create more refined contrast fades. Due to the weight and versatile fabric structure the heavy slub needs some break-in time. Once the fabric has eased up, you'll notice an increased range of movement and beautiful fades. Woven by Collect Mills from Kojima, Japan.

BLACK BLACK is a 14 oz. right hand twill fabric. Both the warp and weft yarns are rope dyed in black sulphur. The core of the yarns remains white which gives the black black denim similar fading characteristics as indigo-dyed denim. The fabric will fade just like your other jeans. It’s woven by Collect Mills from Kojima, Japan.

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