In our 17th denim talk Lennaert will explain you all you need to know about our darkest indigo-dyed fabric to date, 15 oz. midnight blue selvedge. He will guide you through the details of the fabric, the fading potential of denim with a dark weft and more.


An indigo dyed fabric cannot get much darker than this one. Our 15 oz. midnight blue selvedge get its deep dark colour from the weft; instead of the regular undyed ecru colour, the weft yarns are dyed black. The fading potential on this fabric is similar to that of double indigo denim, which means it will take some time to create the first signs of fading, but when the undyed core of the warp yarns is reached, the contrast will start popping out. The only difference is that the black weft will promote an even higher contrast in between the fades. The fabric is woven by Candiani in Milan, Italy.



B-01 SLIM follows a slim tapered silhouette all the way down the leg. It’s a versatile cut leaving enough room for extended movement and an all-round snug fit. We’ve developed the B-01 with a curved waistband which creates a figure-hugging super comfortable top-block. The slim fit is a versatile style for a multitude of occasions. The B-01 SLIM’s shape allows for an effortless smart-casual style and is also suitable for a refined laidback look.

B-03 TAPERED is a regular fit with a long rise, dropped crotch and roomy thighs. The taper from the knee down allows for the silhouette to maintain a slightly slimmer bottom hem for a contemporary casual look. The B-03’s modern cut is a versatile everyday fit. It’s constructed with a shaped waistband, the top-block is rounder and guarantees extra comfort from your first wear. The refined fit contributes to your jeans staying in place while avoiding unnecessary sagging. It's your ideal style if you want a relaxed top block with a sophisticated look. The B-03 TAPERED is a very convenient fit for all-day, everyday wearing.

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