With the super slub 18 oz. selvedge denim we’re not only introducing a brand-new fabric, but it’s also the heaviest fabric available in our ‘made in Japan’ collection.

In the 21st episode of our denim talk series, Lennaert will show you what makes this slubby heavyweight champ stand out and compares it with our best-selling 16 oz. heavy slub counterpart. You might be surprised to learn how similar these fabrics actually are, yet how we were able to differentiate their appearance tremendously.

With the SUPER SLUB we’ve expanded our fabric selection with another class. 18 oz. is our heaviest weight available within the ‘made in Japan’ line, but it’s also the slubbiest fabric we currently offer. Think of our heavy slub 16 oz. RHT fabric on steroids; but unlike its 16 oz. counterpart, the 18 oz. denim offers a surprisingly short break-in time, despite its weight. This is due to the low tension weave, which is also contributing to the irregular structure, especially visible on the inside. This denim is guaranteed to achieve spectacular fading. Woven by Collect Mills from Kojima, Japan.


A slim fitting silhouette with a modern low-rise, snug thighs and a consistent slim straight shape down the leg. Due to this, the BDD-006 is a versatile modernised slim fit suitable for the majority of body types.

Regular fit with a long rise, dropped crotch, roomy thighs and tapered legs. This is the most ideal fit for you if you're looking for a bit more room in the top block. The taper from the knee down allows the silhouette to maintain a slimmer bottom hem for a contemporary casual look.

This is a slim fitting silhouette with a high rise, snug thighs and slim tapered legs. It can be considered our Japanese-made equivalent of the B-01 SLIM. It’s the ideal fit for anyone looking for a higher version of the BDD-006, or aiming for slimmer fitting option compared to the BDD-711.

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