The seasons are changing and it’s getting colder now (at least here in Europe); therefore, it’s a great time to present our new lined rider jacket, to accompany you during the months ahead of us. The BDJ-06 LINED RIDER JACKET is an updated version of our sherpa jacket from previous winter season. We have fabricated it from our 9 oz. duck brown selvedge canvas, which is a sturdy but light-weight fabric. Then, the jacket has been fully lined with our proprietary 8 oz. yellow & blue check flannel, that was recently added to our collection in the BWS-01 WORK SHIRT as well.

In this denim talk, Lennaert will tell you all you need to know about the fabric, details and fit of our new flannel lined, selvedge canvas rider jacket.


The BDJ-06 LINED RIDER JACKET is our interpretation of the classic denim rider jacket design with a handful of signature-BENZAK detailing. We've reimagined a classic silhouette with the aim of developing a contemporary cut with a longer body for a modernised regular fit. The jacket is very similar to our BDJ-02 style, yet there are some notable differences. The BDJ-06 is fully lined, including the arms. The jacket features two hand warmer pockets and two button-down chest pockets, all large enough to carry your everyday necessities.


Duck canvas is characterised by its tight weave and durability. It’s woven with two yarns together in the warp and a single yarn in the weft. The word derives from the Dutch word ‘doek’ (cloth) and has a history older than blue jeans. Our 9 oz. DUCK BROWN SELVEDGE CANVAS is light in weight, but strong. Woven by Collect Mills in Japan.

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