The time has come, we're super excited to finally show you the last few styles from our AW18 drop: 14 oz. double indigo selvedge in B-01 SLIM and B-03 TAPERED fits.

BDD BENZAK 14 oz. double indigo selvedge b-01 slim b-03 tapered

It has come to our attention that we’re always throwing around different bits of denim terminology. Warp this and weft that, it must be pretty confusing if you’re new to the indigo way of life. You’re probably wondering what it all means and how it came about. You could spend hours Googling it all, but there’s a lot to take in. So why not hear it first hand from us specialists in manageable chunks. Most of the lingo really is what it says it is, for example, all that double indigo means is that both the warp and weft are indigo dyed. This creates a deep and dark blue colour that you can see on our 14 oz. double indigo selvedge jeans.

The most beautiful feature of such a dark indigo hue is that it has a very high contrast fading potential. First the fabric will fade to a brighter blue, once the fading reaches the white core of the yarns the contrast will become really apparent. Our 14 oz. double indigo selvedge line up couldn’t be built better for deep characterful fades if we tried.

BDD BENZAK 14 oz. double indigo selvedge denim B-01 slim B-03 tapered

The double indigo fabric is one of our personal favourites. When we first started to develop the fabric, Lennaert spent some months wearing the B-03 fit prototype to experience what it was all about. He felt it was 100% necessary to convince and show you guys how well the fabric will mature over time. Just after 6 months of effective wear and of course no washes, the fades were beautiful. Least to say no convincing was needed, the fabric did all the talking.

Both styles will be shipped to our retailers this week and are available on our website as of now.

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