This week we're going to focus on two of our greenest styles: one in terms of sustainability, and one in terms of colour.

BENZAK B-01 SLIM 15 OZ. HEMP SELVEDGE DENIM. Sustainable denim created by BENZAk and Candiani denim. Sustainable selvedge denim

B-01 SLIM 15 oz. hemp selvedge

In 2016 we launched our EUROPEAN MADE line in collaboration with Candiani Denim. The B-01 SLIM was born, an iconic BENZAK silhouette constructed with 15 oz . indigo selvedge denim. The B-01 SLIM was an instant hit, proving to be one of our best sellers throughout the years. With this in mind, we decided to team up with our good friends at Candiani once again and see how we could get a bit more eco-friendly. We turned up the creativity levels, got thinking and came up with hemp selvedge.

The 15 oz. hemp selvedge was created in the B-01 SLIM fit. The fabric is woven with the exact same warp yarns as the 15 oz. indigo selvedge. The weft, on the other hand, has been slightly altered by replacing approximately 50% of the cotton with hemp. From a construction point of view these fabrics are the same, but the hemp version has a few extra sustainable elements:

  • Hemp is a more sustainable natural resource than cotton. It takes half the amount of water to produce the same amount of hemp as it does cotton.
  • You can produce about 200% more hemp fibres on the same amount of land compared to cotton.
  • Hemp doesn’t require pesticides to grow quicker, which means it automatically falls in the same category as organic cotton.
  • Hemp feels a bit stiffer in the beginning compared to cotton, it is a much more durable fibre and doesn’t wear down as quickly as cotton.  

If you look closely at the inside of the 15 oz. hemp selvedge, the hemp is noticeable by the shine of the weft. This is one of the key visual difference to the original 15 oz. indigo selvedge denim. Hemp is very unique in its own way and sure to play a key role in the future of denim development. We highly recommend the B-01 SLIM 15 oz. hemp selvedge as an alternative to your conventional 100% cotton jeans rotation.


BENZAK BDD-006 GREEN CAST 15 OZ. RHT SELVEDGE DENIM/ The greenest mill in the blue world. BENZAk and candiani denim collaborate to craft sustainable hemp denim

BDD-006 green Cast 15 oz. RHT

The second bit of green denim we have lined up for you today has roots that date back to the beginning of the BENZAK brand. In 2013 our founder Lennaert hand-picked a 14.7 oz. left-hand twill green cast denim from Japanese mill Collect. 

As the BDD brand evolved we decided to discontinue the green cast LHT fabric to make way for new developments. Although, we underestimated the love our BDD community had for our green cast fabric. Due to many many requests, we decided to bring it back in its right-hand twill form. So here we are, we present to you the green cast 15 oz. RHT.

Instead of the vintage-inspired fit BDD-710, we relaunched our new green cast in the most popular BDD-006 fit. Of course, this was once again after a flurry of requests from our ever-so supportive community.

We believe the most beautiful feature of this fabric is its fading capacity. Check out how green this fabric becomes after some good ol’ wear and tear. This is what we aim for!

BDD-006 green cast 15 oz. RHT, 5 oz. Japanese selvedge denim from Collect Mills (JP), 100% cotton, right hand twill, made in Japan

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