When it comes to everyday style there is one thing that plays on our minds. Can you guess? Well, it’s the thought of being comfortable. If you’re comfortable, then you’ll look good. There’s no doubt about it. If you think of figures such as Steve McQueen, you’ll notice that he always looks effortlessly comfortable. That was his key to looking damn cool all the time.

BDD BENZAK Steve McQueen eating cereal

Denim head or not, we’re sure we can all agree on one thing. There’s nothing more satisfying than slipping on a well-made pair of jeans and knowing you won’t have to worry about the way you look. Comfort and style go hand in hand. It’s two of the main ingredients that make up confidence.

BDD BENZAK back pocket heavy slub BDD-711 BDD-006 selvedge jeans made in Japan Japanese denim

This brings us to one of the most important parts of our jeans, the back pockets. Each fit from our ‘made in Japan’ line has been developed with a different size and shape back pocket. The back pockets play an integral part in the way the jeans look and feel. Each fit’s pocket design matches up perfectly with the look of the jeans. Being the thoughtful developer that Lennaert is, the pockets are purposely asymmetrical. What we mean by thoughtful is, he always has the modern-day cowboy at the centre of the creative process… by the way, that’s you. Due to the back pockets meticulous design, they follow the butt line in a very complimentary way. In simple terms, making your backside look good.

BDD BENZAK bull's horns back pocket threads made in Japan Japanese denim heavy slub BDD-711 BDD-006

Levi’s have their signature arcs, BENZAK has the bull’s horns. That’s right, we’re talking back pocket stitching. The bull symbol is a huge part of our brand for many reasons. Other than the bull being a strong confident animal, the bull has a strong connection to the modern day cowboy, and represents long lasting strength in our goods. 

BDD BENZAK back pocket threads bull's horns made in Japan Japanese denim selvedge jeans BDD-711 BDD-006 heavy slub

Speaking of stitching, each pair of ‘made in Japan’ jeans is crafted using a combination of seven different colours and SPI’s. Nothing is by chance at BENZAK, the number seven plays it’s a role in the universe quite nicely; the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’, the seven seas, the seven colours of the spectrum, the Shichi-fuku-jin (the ‘Seven Gods of Luck’ in Japanese folklore) and even Snow White’s seven dwarfs.
 BDD BENZAK back pocket threads made in Japan Japanese denim selvedge jeans BDD-711 BDD-006 heavy slub

The back pockets are attached with a thick copper yarn, while the top is finished with a dark navy yarn in the same thickness. The bull’s horns are sewn on with a thinner brass coloured yarn at a higher SPI. Oh, if you’re still getting a hang of the denim terminology then have no fear, we’ve got your back. SPI stands for stitch per inch. The higher the SPI count, the smaller the stitches. When you get the chance to have a detailed look at our ‘made in Japan’ jeans, pay close attention to the different varieties of combinations used. If you can spot all seven, let us know.

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