Our SS20 collection welcomes in a new batch of 100% cotton tees. The latest iterations of our tees contribute towards the maturing of the BENZAK brand and naturally elevate our signature aesthetic. Our SS20 tee collection comprises of two new BT-01 heavy jersey pocket tee colourways: burgundy and army green. All of our pocket tees are made from 210 gsm 100% cotton with an open weave and slubby character.

SS20 has seen the debut of many new BENZAK pieces. Alongside the introduction of new garments, we've created a new set of BENZAK brand labels. Each of the new tees features one of the newly designed labels.

Our BT-04 GRAPHIC TEEs have received a simple yet full update. We've introduced three new BT-04 GRAPHIC TEEs. The first two tees are updated versions of our classic box logo tee. You'll be able to get your hands on a black tee with a white BENZAK box logo and a white tee with a camo box logo.

The third tee illustrates a playful statement we currently live by: "We don't wear stretch denim". This is somewhat a novelty tee with a message that'll sure resonate with the hardcore raw denim lovers out there. All of our graphic tees are made from 220 gsm 100% cotton compact knit.

The new SS20 tees are now online. Click here to check out all of the latest arrivals

The collection will also be available via select retailers worldwide.

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