Besides developing new garments every season, we simultaneously never stop looking at ways to improve our core collection. That brings us to this updated version of a popular fabric from the collection, the 13 oz. indigo eco selvedge. The fabric has been improved in the ‘eco’ part of the equation.

Instead of 100% conventional cotton, this new sustainable version uses 60% organic cotton, 24% recycled cotton (post-consumer) and 16% Blue Seed cotton. Our friends over at Candiani are actually using discarded clothing for the recycled part, which gives the weft a greyish look and avoids simply throwing away worn and used garments. We’ve also replaced the leather patch for a jacron version, to complete the ‘eco-update’.

Did you know that we also use 100% stainless steel or brass, and 100% copper, for our buttons and rivets respectively, in all garments? Using only one basic material has a lower carbon footprint than a metal alloy, which is a mix of various metals merged together into one, and is generally used by most other brands.

This new fabric is now available in two styles: B-01 SLIM and the BDJ-05 TRUCKER JACKET.

March 04, 2022