This season we have added our first pre-washed Japanese-made denim to the collection, the vintage indigo US cotton 11 oz. RHT, available in the BDD-711.

The fabric draws its inspiration from vintage denim, hence the name ‘vintage indigo’. Denim fabrics from a century ago were typically light in weight, making this 11 oz. a very comfortable weight for Spring. It’s a pure indigo dye, creating a bright blue indigo tone. Because the garments are pre-washed, this tone becomes even more pronounced. The selvedge ID features a very subtle silver line. It has been woven by Collect Mills from Kojima, Japan.

We’ve also applied some changes to the design of the jeans itself, differentiating it from the rest of the main Japan collection. It has a printed cloth patch as opposed to the leather patch, the yarn colours have been changed and we’ve used a beautiful, 100% cotton, off-white, herringbone twill for the pocketing fabric.

This new fabric is now available in our BDD-711 silhouette, which is a regular fit with a high rise/dropped crotch, roomy thighs and tapered legs. This is the most ideal fit for you if you're looking for a bit more room in the top block.

March 23, 2022