We have just released our third proprietary fabric, the 14 oz. recycled super fade selvedge, dubbed special #3. We’ve developed this fabric in collaboration with our long-standing partners and good friends at Candiani Denim. This is another milestone in the BENZAK journey, and we know you’re all going to love it. We're really proud of how the fabric turned out, what it stands for within our brand, and how we are taking conscious steps into an even more sustainable future while sticking to our roots. The fabric will be available in our B-01 SLIM and B-03 TAPERED fits, as well as a new addition to our jacket line-up, the BDJ-04 SHERPA RIDER JACKET.


This super fading fabric might very well be one of our most intricate fabrics to date. There’s no real beating around the bush on this one, it says what it is: a denim specifically developed to fade very fast. You might ask yourself, what makes this denim fade so fast? Or should we say: what makes the special #3 fade faster than all other denim? Candiani, our trusted Italian partner, has patented their in-house dyeing technology called Indigo Juice®; this is a purposely designed, easy-to-fade technology that keeps the indigo dye superficial on the yarn during the dyeing process. They combine the Indigo Juice with 100% biodegradable V-Sizing®. This is a specific technology which is made entirely from vegetable sources (green peas to be precise) and it replaces all hazardous chemicals within the process, including PVA (poly-vinyl alcohol). V-Sizing enables a microplastic free dye that contributes towards the acceleration of the fading process. This is pretty much a revolutionary piece of innovation that has the capabilities to change the industry. And, not only does it replace dangerous chemicals that will most likely end up in the ocean, but it also contributes to your own garments fading potential. It’s a win-win for everyone.

This pair has been worn for only 5 months and washed once


Our special #3 fabric is loaded with mindful nuances that individually address an action point within the garment production industry. Our core Japanese and European collections are small batch, made from the highest quality materials you can find, they’re fairly made, and we support local businesses within their territories. We roll out our collections with the cost-per-wear methodology in mind; we make clothes that last. The dyestuff of the special #3 is just one piece of the pie. We already mentioned the vegetable-sourced sizing, but also the fabric itself is constructed using 81% organic cotton and 19% recycled cotton. The bright blue indigo dye consumes the warp yarns and the recycled cotton resides in the grey coloured weft yarns. Other than the yarn construct being our most sustainable combination in the collection, the colour combinations make for a deep indigo colour that stands out among the standard.

Among all of the great features of the special #3, we’ve brought back the orange and blue selvedge edges. Other than looking pretty stylish and being niche, the orange (The Netherlands) and blue (Italy) selvedge represents the bond between BENZAK and Candiani.


One of the main reasons people venture into the world of raw denim is so that they can explore and develop a relationship with their personal style and their jeans. The relationship between a person and their jeans can be visibly seen through wears, tears and glorious fades. In many cases people are not in a position to wear their raw denim jeans every day. This is mainly due to their working environment. So, we have essentially developed a solution for people who want to speed up their fading.

Now available in B-01 SLIM, B-03 TAPERED, and our brand-new BDJ-04 SHERPA RIDER JACKET, via our webshop and selective retailers:

B-01 SLIM special #3 14 oz. recycled super fade selvedge
Black & Blue - Nijmegen (Netherlands)
Blue Beach Denim - Taipei (Taiwan)
CULTIZM - online (Germany)
Hype Heroes - Den Bosch (Netherlands)
Ray Brandstore - Delft (Netherlands)
De Rode Winkel - Utrecht (Netherlands)
Thomas-i-Punkt - Hamburg (Germany)

B-03 TAPERED special #3 14 oz. recycled super fade selvedge
Blue Beach Denim - Taipei (Taiwan)
CULTIZM - online (Germany)

BDJ-04 SHERPA RIDER JACKET special #3 14 oz. recycled super fade selvedge
Arnold & Co. - Sheffield (UK)
Blue Beach Denim - Taipei (Taiwan)
CANTIK - Bordeaux (France)
CULTIZM - online (Germany)
Double Indigo - Nanjing (China)

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