Back in 2018 we had the pleasure of creating an exclusive fabric with our Italian partners, Candiani Denim. A denim mill rich in history, renown for quality and their sustainable future vision. We worked closely together and cultivated something truly special for both BENZAK and the mill. The result being our special #2 15 oz. vintage indigo selvedge denim fabric, which has become, now three years later, a staple in our collection and available in the majority of our silhouettes.


15 oz. vintage indigo selvedge has been exclusively woven by Candiani Denim for BENZAK. We’ve dubbed this fabric the SPECIAL #2 as it’s the second proprietary BENZAK fabric to enter our main collection. The fabric is a 3x1 right hand twill construction and the raw vintage indigo colour represents a shade of indigo used for denim during the fifties and sixties. We've developed the special #2 fabric with thicker weft yarns than the warp yarns. This gives the fabric an extra soft interior resulting in additional comfort from the get-go. The selvedge colours are ‘Azurri’ (blue) and ‘Oranje’ (orange). As well as being an aesthetic feature the custom selvedge pays homage to both collaborating companies’ national sports colours, Italy & The Netherlands. It's also a nod towards the long-standing friendship between BENZAK and Candiani.

The fabric is restocked in all of our jeans fits.

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