Since its inception in 2018, the 15 oz. vintage indigo selvedge, or special #2, has grown into one of our most popular fabrics. We have developed this proprietary denim in collaboration with Candiani Denim and one of our goals was to create fabric with a well-balanced weight-comfort ratio.

In most denim fabrics the indigo-dyed warp yarns are thicker than the undyed ecru weft yarns. We were able to achieve our goal by increasing the thickness of the weft to a higher level compared to the warp. Since undyed yarns are softer in touch compared to dyed yarns, the inside of the fabric feels super comfy while the increased weft thickness pumped up the overall weight to 15 oz.

Special #2 is currently available in five different jeans cuts and two different jackets, more than any other fabric in our collection. But now we’re further expanding the offering with two familiar styles: BC-01 TAPERED CHINO & BDJ-05 TRUCKER JACKET.

The BC-01 TAPERED CHINO & BDJ-05 TRUCKER JACKET have been added to the 15 oz. vintage indigo selvedge (special #2) lineup.

Available via our webshop and the following retailers:

Black & Blue – Nijmegen (Netherlands)
Blue Beach Denim – Taipei (Taiwan)
CULTIZM – online (Germany)
Double Indigo – Nanjing (China)
Hype Heroes – Den Bosch (Netherlands)
De Rode Winkel – Utrecht (Netherlands)

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