We have broadened our range of shirts by introducing new fabrics to our collection, all of which are woven in Japan.

The BWS-01 WORK SHIRT is now available in a unique 6.5 oz. brown and white cord stripe. Its texture resembles the structure of a seersucker fabric, known for its uneven surface. The shirt is adorned with buttons that imitate a tortoiseshell pattern, but they are actually made from recycled paper.

Our BWS-02 UTILITY SHIRT is crafted from an 8 oz. herringbone fabric in the colours ivory and brown. Due to its weight, it can be worn as an overshirt in summer and as a regular shirt in winter, making it versatile throughout the year. The cotton used to make this fabric is 100% organic, adding to its sustainable character.

Lastly, we have the BCS-01 WESTERN SHIRT, which is made of a 6 oz. ecru denim fabric. This undyed fabric is ideal for warmer days, thanks to its soft and breathable qualities. It has been pre-washed in the factory for optimal fitting.

April 26, 2023