We at Benzak Denim Developers are believers of not washing your jeans too often; especially the first wash should be delayed as long as possible. 6 months is a good start, but we usually wait a bit longer, up to 9 months. The main reason for this is that dry denim needs to form and mould around the body for a perfect fit, and washing disrupts this process. Also, most people wearing dry denim jeans want to fade them, and to get the best result (high contrast fading) it is important to avoid water as long as possible. Prematurely washing your jeans will create an evenly washed out look, without to many sharp fading lines or areas.

Our friends at Denimhunters wrote a perfect article about this subject. It is actually directed towards shop staff, instead of consumers. So we highly recommend this article if you want to learn about washing your jeans.



Or check out this video made by HowStuffWorks, they really hit the nail on the head with their more scientific take on the subject.