“Every season we release our chino silhoutte in a new fabric. This summer we’ve picked an Italian light-weight cotton-linen blend. The dark blue colour works really well with the army green and forest tones you’ll find in the collection.”

BRJ-01 COMMUTER JACKET 8 oz. ripstop forest
BT-01 POCKET TEE off white & navy striped heavy jersey
BC-01 TAPERED CHINO 6 oz. indigo linen

“Combining earth colour tones with indigo blue is always a good choice. Our new work shirt in the herringbone twill is a great match with bright blue colours, such as the blue flame broken twill selvedge fabric.”

BWS-01 WORK SHIRT 8 oz. herringbone sand
B-01 SLIM 13 oz. blue flame bt selvedge

“The cowboy has always been a great inspiration for us. For this bomber silhouette we combined a Western style top part with a contrasting Japenese herringbone fabric. A perfect example of ‘where East meets West’.”

BBJ-02 WESTERN BOMBER 6 oz. indigo linen
BT-03 BDD EMBROIDERY TEE grey melee heavy jersey
B-02 REGULAR F/P 11.5 oz. indigo x black canvas selvedge

“The commuter pants and jacket have been designed for Amsterdam’s most common mode of transport, the bicycle. Due to a great balance of weight and durabillity, ripstop is the best choice of fabric for this attire.”

BRJ-01 COMMUTER JACKET 8 oz. ripstop sand
BT-01 POCKET TEE army green heavy jersey
BP-04 COMMUTER PANTS 8 oz. ripstop sand

“Comfort is an important trend this season. We believe this can be achieved with well-constructed garments and suitable patterns, and not by adding stretch to a fabric. Our new relaxed fit ticks all these boxes.”

BT-01 POCKET TEE burgundy heavy jersey
B-04 RELAXED 12 oz. ecru selvedge

“For the first time ever, we’ve added shorts to our collection. This new camouflage sateen twill fabric is one of our key elements this season. You can find it hidden inside many of the garments as well.”

BT-04 GRAPHIC TEE box logo white
BPS-01 FATIGUE SHORTS 9.5 oz. camo sateen twill

“We draw a lot of inspiration from American sportswear, particularly from baseball. Our new bomber jacket is modelled after a varsity style and can be combined perfectly with a cap, white tee, worn jeans and a pair of Chuck’s.”

BBJ-01 VARSITY BOMBER 6 oz. indigo linen
BT-04 GRAPHIC TEE we don't wear stretch
B-01 SLIM 15.5 oz. Kojima selvedge

“It has been really fun styling and creating outfits like this one for our look book. The herringbone twill works amazingly well for both the shirt and the shorts, so we decided to combine them for a uniform look.”

BWS-01 WORK SHIRT 8 oz. herringbone navy
BPS-01 FATIGUE SHORTS 8 oz. herringbone navy

“This is definitely one of our key looks this season. The natural colour of the ecru selvedge denim stands out tremendously from the many indigo dyed garments. It’s a versatile fabric that can be used for both smart and rugged looks.”

BDJ-02 RIDER JACKET 12 oz. ecru selvedge
BT-04 GRAPHIC TEE box logo camo
B-01 SLIM 12 oz. ecru selvedge

“This is our most indigo-fueled look of the season. There isn’t much indigo left in this pair of heavy slub’s, but the indigo dyed canvas jacket makes up for the both of them. A denimhead’s favourite, we reckon.”

BDJ-01 COWBOY JACKET 11.5 oz. indigo x black canvas
BT-04 GRAPHIC TEE box logo yolk
BDD-006 heavy slub 16 oz. RHT

“This is our very first women’s look. The silhouette of the jeans has been updated to follow her curves, while maintaining the straight selvedge outseam. We’re stoked women can finally join the world of Benzak!”

WT-01 GRAPHIC TEE we don't wear stretch
W-01 STRAIGHT special #2 15 oz. vintage indigo selvedge