When it comes to rigid, non-stretch denim, and especially raw denim, it can be quite tricky to select the right size. Just like a pair of leather boots, raw denim needs some time and attention to get that spot-on fit. To help you select your perfect size, we’ve created an in-depth video, covering all steps involved in selecting & wearing your perfect size BENZAK women’s jeans. With the help of this guide, you should be able to end up with a perfectly moulded pair of jeans around your body.


The W-01 STRAIGHT is a figure-hugging pair of raw denim women's jeans. The silhouette is a sophisticated straight cut with a slim profile. We've designed our women's jeans with a mid-rise that sits just above the hip-bone, and they've been constructed explicitly for non-stretch fabrics. It's more than safe to say, our women's jeans are a feel-good fit and will comfortably see you through a full day, and nights worth of wearing.

The fabric on all styles is unwashed raw denim; on the first few wears, it'll most likely be a little more rigid than what you could be used to. Some dedication, consistent wear, and perseverance, your W-01 jeans will become an essential part of your wardrobe. BENZAK women's jeans will mould your body, and elevate your figure. They'll become much more comfortable than any pre-washed jeans, and over time.

The W-01 STRAIGHT jeans have been developed with an infinite lifespan in mind; they'll become part of your everyday necessities. Dress up in them, or keep it low-key and casual, you won't want to leave the house without them.

€189,00 | (€156,20 excl. VAT)

€179,00 | (€147,93 excl. VAT)

€189,00 | (€156,20 excl. VAT)

€189,00 | (€156,20 excl. VAT)