men's slim fit japanese selvedge denim jeans | indigo | made in japan | benzak BDD-006 heavy slub 16 oz. RHT | pocket flasher

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  • slim fit / slim tapered legs
  • 14 oz. Italian sanforized selvedge denim
  • fabric woven by Candiani Denim
  • 100% organic cotton
  • left hand twill
  • unwashed
  • vegetable tanned leather patch (origin: Italy)
  • 100% brass buttons & rivets
  • button fly
  • cotton-poly core-spun heavy-duty stitching
  • indigo dyed bull embroidery, bartacks & buttonholes
  • ecru pocket bags (cotton-poly, for extra durability)
  • made in Portugal

The B-01 SLIM follows a slim tapered silhouette all the way down the leg. It’s a versatile cut leaving enough room for extended movement and an all-round snug fit. We’ve developed the B-01 with a curved waistband which creates a figure-hugging super comfortable top-block. The slim fit is a versatile style for a multitude of occasions. The B-01 SLIM’s shape allows for an effortless smart-casual style and is also suitable for a refined laidback look.

14 oz. easy fade LHT selvedge is the first left hand twill denim introduced in our European made line. What makes a left hand twill unique is that the fabric softens up much more compared to its right hand twill counterpart. This has to do with the spinning direction of the yarns, also known as S-twist, which is following the same direction as the twill line, as opposed to going against the grain. This results in longer continuous fibres, which creates a smoother surface of the fabric. The difference become more apparent after some wear and wash. This fabric has been woven with the same indigo dye as we’d used for our proprietary special #3 14 oz. recycled super fade selvedge. This type of indigo is characterised by its ability to fade much esaier than regular indigo, shortening the break-in time to achieve a faded look a bit quicker. The cotton used for this fabric is 100% organic.