B-07 RELAXED STRAIGHT 10 oz. antique indigo selvedge [SS25]

SKU: BEU.B07.074.000

Wholesale: €87,60
RRP: €219

  • relaxed fit / straight legs
  • 10 oz. Japanese sanforized selvedge denim
  • fabric woven by Collect Mills
  • 100% cotton
  • right hand twill
  • unwashed (raw)
  • vegetable tanned leather patch (origin: Italy)
  • 100% stainless steel buttons, with black coating
  • black coated allow rivets
  • button fly
  • cotton-poly core-spun heavy-duty stitching
  • indigo dyed bull embroidery, bartacks & buttonholes
  • ecru pocket bags (cotton-poly, for extra durability)
  • half-selvedge, half-overlocked outseam construction
  • made in Portugal

The B-07 RELAXED STRAIGHT is an overall relaxed-fitting cut, with plenty of room in the top block. It’s slightly tilted, making sure the back rise fits nicely at the lower back, leaving no gap, while the front rise sits a bit lower than the natural waistline. From the thighs down, the legs have been cut on a generous width, promoting a straight fit with an easy-to-access bottom hem opening.

The 10 oz. antique indigo selvedge is a lightweight selvedge denim, woven by Collect Mills in Kojima, Japan. It draws inspiration from a workwear type of denim of yesteryear; the average weight of a 19th century denim fabric would usually not exceed 10 oz. and was considered heavy and strong enough for its purpose. Collect has also perfectly replicated the indigo shade to match fabric from this period. Because the denim has been woven on a wider shuttle loom, and to avoid too much fabric loss, the selvedge is only utilized on the front panels of the legs, creating the so-called ‘half-selvedge’ construction.