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BDJ-01 COWBOY JACKET 11.5 oz. indigo x black selvedge canvas


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  • regular fit
  • 11.5 oz. Italian selvedge canvas
  • indigo dyed warp / black weft
  • fabric woven by Berto Blue Selvedge
  • 100% cotton
  • 2x2 canvas
  • unwashed, sanforized (pre-shrunk)
  • type I / type II hybrid jacket
  • longer for a modern-day fit
  • cotton-poly core-spun heavy-duty stitching
  • 100% stainless steel buttons, with black coating
  • black coated alloy rivets
  • indigo dyed bull embroidery
  • indigo dyed bartacks & buttonholes
  • pleat stitching boxes – indigo dyed yarn
  • ecru pocket reinforcement (cotton-poly, for extra durability)
  • woven labels with 100% cotton base & polyester detailing
  • made in Portugal



The BDJ-01 COWBOY JACKET is a modernised cut pulling inspiration from the original type I and type II denim jackets. We've reimagined a classic to develop a contemporary fit with a longer body. The BDJ-01 features a 6 button pleated front placket with the mandatory box stitching, this pays homage to its influential origins. Two iconic BENZAK pockets are prominent features on the front.



This 2x2 canvas, or basketweave, has an indigo dyed warp and a black weft. Despite its lighter weight, this 11.5 oz. INDIGO x BLACK CANVAS has a durable body, a texturized look and a sturdy feel to it. The high concentration of indigo gives it a subtle purple look at first, but this evolves into a deep blue hue over time. Woven by Berto Blue Selvedge in Italy.


PLEASE NOTE: This garment has been dyed with a high concentration of indigo; please be aware that before the first wash the excess indigo will bleed. Be careful with any light-coloured garments, such as sneakers and underwear, but also furniture, like white sofas. Indigo bleeding in inevitable and is not considered a defect; in fact, this is the nature of indigo and allows for a beautiful fading potential, something that is not possible to achieve with any other dyestuff. You may soak the jeans in lukewarm water for 20 minutes to get rid of most indigo bleeding; hang to dry afterwards. For tips on how to treat this garment please contact us.