Every season we are in search of new fabrics to expand our ever-growing collection with. When we came upon this military-inspired denim, we immediately liked the first impression it gave us, it being a raw denim selvedge fabric made the decision to use it that much easier.

It’s extremely soft for being raw denim and therefore we decided to use it for the BC-01 TAPERED CHINO, which has become one of our best-selling cuts in the entire collection, and BWS-03 MILITARY OVERSHIRT, a piece that both functions as a heavy shirt and light-weight jacket.

The petrol-like blue tone of the fabric really stands out compared to the more common indigo dyes, using a tonal stitching throughout the garments also gives it a unique appearance. The plain white selvedge ID has been used for subtle detailing throughout both garments. When you turn up the bottom hem of the chino, the selvedge is visible at the outseam, while in the overshirt the inside placket is finished with the selvedge on both sides.

Both garments work great as individual pieces, but if you’re feeling bold you can always combine them for a unique version of the Canadian tuxedo.

April 13, 2022