When getting a pair of jeans from us, there are a few more things to consider before purchasing and during your journey. You could start with wearing our jeans off the shelf, but considering we’re only offering one length, they will be too long for most people. Cuffing your jeans is great option, besides adjusting the length, you’re also able to show of the selvedge to your fellow denim enthusiast walking down the street. But because our jeans are dry, and therefore don’t have a faded hem yet, they can also be cut shorter and hemmed at the desired length.

Hemming jeans and getting repairs done, can be carried out anywhere, but if you like to keep the materials as close to original as possible, we also offer these services through our webshop and select nominated hemming & repair partners. We provided them with our threads and trims, making it possible to fully match the adjustments and repairs with the materials used for the original garment. On this page you can find everything you need to know about hemming & repairing our jeans.


When buying a pair of jeans or pants through our webshop, you have the option to include hemming to your order. This service is managed by our Dutch partner SASHIKODENIM.

SASHIKODENIM is mostly known for their sashiko stitch repair services, which is an ancient art form to repair and reinforce fabric fully by hand. However, they also offer a wide range of other repair, upcycle and redesign services, including hemming. They use original BENZAK threads on a modern chain stitch machine and roll all hems by hand, to maintain the often desired ‘roping effect’ created by these rolled hems after wear and wash.

The hemming service comes at the cost of €29 incl. DUTCH VAT (€23,97 for non-EU customers) and has a lead-time of 10 working days.

When you’re unsure about your BENZAK size or the desired length, we do not recommend using this service, because hemmed jeans become ineligible for return. Getting your jeans hemmed with original threads after purchase can be arranged directly with SASHIKODENIM however. Please contact info@futurefutureapparel.com for more info.


For our customers from the United States, we have partnered with Rain Delisle of Indigo Proof. She’s been professionally repairing and altering jeans for over a decade, and founded Indigo Proof in 2016 in Portland, OR with a focus on providing quality mail-order service for the US and beyond. She recently moved into a brand-new studio packed with new and vintage machines, including a Union Special 43200G which is used for the hemming of our jeans, and carries original BENZAK thread and hardware for the perfect match to your new jeans.

If you want to make use of Indigo Proof’s hemming service, it’s recommended to order the jeans from our webshop first to try them on at home. When they fit the way you like, you can send them over directly to Indigo Proof to get them hemmed at desired length. The benefit of this method is that you won’t end up with jeans ineligible for return in case the jeans don’t fit the way you like.

Get in touch with Indigo Proof to learn more about alterations offered here: info@indigoproof.com. Hems and tapers are available to order 365 days year through indigoproof.com.


There comes a time when your jeans need repairing. Jeans are not indestructible and need some love and care from time to time. You will be in good hands with both SASHIKODENIM and Indigo Proof, as they have already built up a strong and reliable business over the years. Therefore, we have nominated them as official BENZAK partners and supplied them with all the materials necessary for repairing, such as threads, fabrics, buttons, and rivets. You can get in touch directly with either of them to get your repair job done. They will make sure the lifespan of your beloved jeans will be prolonged to the fullest extent, ensuring you get to experience the fading of your BENZAK jeans for as long as possible.

Repairs can be requested here: info@futurefutureapparel.com.

Repairs are accepted via an application during open booking, for more info visit indigoproof.com.


Instagram: @sashikodenim
Webte: sashikodenim.com
Email: info@futurefutureapparel.com

Instagram: @indigo_proof
Website: indigoproof.com
Email: info@indigoproof.com