men's slim fit japanese selvedge denim jeans | indigo | made in japan | benzak BDD-006 heavy slub 16 oz. RHT | pocket flasher

BDD-710N special #1 low tension 14 oz. RHT [CORE]

SKU: BDD.710N.013.000

Wholesale: €131,60
RRP: €329

  • relaxed tapered
  • 14 oz. Japanese selvedge denim
  • BENZAK exclusive fabric (special #1)
  • fabric woven by Collect Mills
  • 100% cotton
  • right hand twill
  • unwashed (raw)
  • vegetable tanned leather patch (origin: Italy)
  • 100% stainless steel buttons
  • black coated alloy rivets
  • button fly
  • cotton-poly core-spun heavy-duty stitching
  • 8 oz. indigo dyed chambray pocket bags (100% cotton)
  • made in Japan

The ‘N’ in its name stands for ‘new’ because it’s an updated version of the previously discontinued BDD-710, which has been part of our first collection back in 2013. Originally developed as a vintage cut, we took the 710 base and tweaked it towards a modern update of this cut. BDD-710N is considered relaxed, has a long back rise, and the legs slightly taper to an easy hem opening. It comes close to the silhouette of the European made B-04 RELAXED.

Low tension 14 oz. RHT is the first exclusive BENZAK Japanese fabric, also known as special #1. This denim has been created exclusively for BENZAK by Collect Mills, Kojima. Weighing in at a versatile 14 oz. this is perfect mid-weight denim for all-year-round wear. The construction is slightly looser which exhibits an uneven weaving pattern and subtle slubs. The selvedge id colour is yellow & green, this represents the first stages of indigo dyeing before it becomes the distinctive dark blue colour.