In 2013 we launched our first ‘made in Japan’ jeans in store; we consider this the starting point of BENZAK. Suffice to say, these jeans weren’t created over night; in fact, Lennaert started developing his first collection already years before. It wasn’t until late 2011 that he met a Japanese denim specialist named Hiroki Kishimoto, who was able to help him start development of what later became the BDD-006. During the same time that they met, Kishimoto also launched another brand under the umbrella of Rampuya, but its name was later changed to Japan Blue Group. The inspiration for this new name actually came from the that brand launched by Kishimoto in 2011: Japan Blue Jeans.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Lennaert and Kishimoto meeting each other, which also was the start of a special friendship. Japan Blue Group is still overlooking BENZAK’s production in Japan to this day. To celebrate this happy occasion, we have decided to co-develop not one, but two special, limited-edition jeans.


This year marks the 10-year anniversary of BENZAK and Japan Blue Jeans working together. Japan Blue Group has been overlooking BENZAK’s production in Kojima, Okayama since they started developing the first styles back in 2011. Lennaert and Kishimoto have decided to celebrate this occasion by designing a set of two limited edition, anniverary collaboration jeans. The first style is based off BENZAK’s earliest model, BDD-006; the second style is based off one of JBJ’s best-selling fits, J266B. The jeans feature individual as well as shared signature details of both brands.


Everything from the cotton cultivation to harvesting is done by hand; this benefits the cotton fibres as they are rarely damaged, creating a super-high quality base for this heavy-weight fabric. Because there are no pesticides used or no modification is applied, this type of cotton is considered ‘closest to original’.

This 16.5 oz. slubby ‘monster fabric’ is woven with a low tension, which creates a texture similar to hand- woven fabrics known for amazing fading results.


The BDD-006 is a slim fitting silhouette with a modern low-rise, snug thighs and a consistent slim straight shape down the leg. Due to this, the BDD-006 is a versatile modernised slim fit suitable for the majority of body types.

Both styles will feature the BENZAK’s hidden sixth pocket, but the coin pocket of the BDD-006 follows it own shape.

The center front closure and the fly are finished with BENZAK’s 100% aluminium jeans buttons.

The pocket edges have been reinforced with BENZAK’s 100% copper rivets. They are unbranded outside and feature the ‘BDD’ logo inside.


A modern tapered silhouette with a skinny figure from knees to hems which makes your legs look sharper and more stylish. Even though it’s a skinny model, there are rooms around thighs and thus the jeans are recommended for various types of people including a person with a larger body.

Both styles will feature the BENZAK’s hidden sixth pocket, but the coin pocket of the J266B follows it own shape.

The center front closure and the fly are finished with Japan Blue’s metal alloy jeans buttons.

The pocket edges have been reinforced with Japan Blue’s metal alloy rivets. They are ‘JB’-branded outside and feature the stitch logo inside.

These details can be found in both styles

The two-tone selvedge ID is inspired by the national flags of Japan and Côte d’Ivoire.

The leather patch is debosssed with both logo’s and provides information on the origin of the cotton and production sources.

Behind the leather patch, BENZAK’s main label is features on both styles. The base of the label is made of 100% cotton.

The pocket bags provide a visual explanation of the Côte d’Ivoire cotton and jeans production in Japan.

These jeans are fully construced in Japan, made with Japanese denim. BENZAK’s label is used to communicate this information.

The inseams are finished with a felled seam, a BENZAK construction; but JBJ’s blue stitch detail is used to give it something of both brands.

The collaboration will be available from Friday December 17th via select retailers worldwide (see list below); there will also be a small batch available via our own webshop the week after.


Arborator Denim Company – Maastricht/Haarlem (NL)
Blue Anchor – Rostock (DE)
Blue Beach Denim – Taipei (TW)
CULTIZM – online (DE)
Division Road – Scottsville, VA (US)
Hype Heroes – Den Bosch (NL)
James Dant – Indianapolis, IN (US)
Junkies Store – Hong Kong (HK)
Rode Winkel – Utrecht (NL)
Store du Nord – Den Haag (NL)
stuf|f – Düsseldorf (DE)
T-Bird – Paris (FR)
The Cactus and The Hawk – Mammoth Lake, CA (US)

Kishimoto, Lennaert, Yudai and Eduard late night in Paris, January 2020

December 22, 2021