We have teamed up with Bonne Suits to create a selvedge denim version of their classic workwear suit. This project has become a true collaboration, as we mixed their jacket design with our jeans. We are using our 15 oz. vintage indigo fabric, a.ka. special #2, woven exclusively for us by Candiani Denim.

The jacket is based on the Bonne Suit double-breasted worker jacket. It is characterised by a simple, utilitarian design aimed at long-lasting, everyday use with a unisex fit. The double-breasted closing allows changing the style to fit any occasion. We’ve based the fit of the pants on our B-02 STRAIGHT, which is inspired by a classic 1940s straight silhouette. We’ve modernised the fit with a shaped top block. This brings the pants closer to a contemporary cut, while still paying homage to its roots. We have replaced the classic jeans back pockets with rectangular worker style pockets, which brings the jacket and pants together to form the collective BONNE x BENZAK suit.

The pocket flasher artwork for the collab features Malvin the Cat, created by illustrator Floor van het Nederend, which is one of our personal favourite Dutch illustrators.


To debut the collaboration, we joined Bonne for one of his established Stoopshoots. The word 'stoop', a small porch, comes from the Dutch word 'stoep', meaning step/sidewalk, pronounced the same way. This specific spot has been used time and time again in their photoshoots, and now our selvedge denim suit has been immortalized as a part of the Stoopshoot history.

- photography by Maarten van der Kamp

February 10, 2023