Even though our roots lie in the heavier denim fabrics, we’re constantly using different and new types of fabric constructions for our garments. Since our lineup of shirts also keeps expanding and evolving, there’s a lot development happening in regards of the fabrics we use for said shirts. That brings us to chambray, which is seemingly very similar to denim, but has a different construction and different characteristics.


Both denim and chambray are made from cotton, but while denim is woven with a twill construction, chambray uses a plain weave construction. When weaving a fabric there’s usually two threads, the vertical warp and horizontal weft; in the case of indigo dyed chambray and denim fabrics, the warp is typically indigo dyed, while the weft is kept undyed.

In the twill construction used for denim fabrics, the weft thread is usually woven over one or more warp threads, then under one or more warp threads. However, the chambray’s warp and weft threads will alternate one over the other. These constructions give denim its sturdy and stiff quality, while the chambray ends up being more lightweight and breathable. Denim fabric also typically has a clear lighter underside, whereas the underside and face side of chambray fabrics are much more similar.

The characteristics of chambray constructions give it a similar appearance to denim, but makes it much more suitable for lighter weight shirts. While denim shirts have a rugged feel to them, the chambray shirt can be considered more dressed-up. It’s not a coincidence the chambray button down shirt has become such a wardrobe staple.


The BDS-02 ONE POCKET SHIRT is a contemporary take on a classic button-down shirt. The shirt features one chest pocket with a slanted opening and rounded bottom to follow the chest’s contour. The back side features a classic box pleat, that allows for better movement.

Our 5 oz. chambray is a perfect example of what we refer to as ‘high-quality basics’. This no-nonsense, all-year-round shirting fabric is made to create that staple 100% cotton button down shirt every guy needs in his wardrobe. It has been rinsed to take out all initial bleeding and shrinkage. Currently available indigo and indigo & white striped. Woven by Collect Mills in Japan.


Besides the BDS-02 ONE POCKET SHIRT, we’ve also used a different chambray fabric for our BWS-01 WORK SHIRT. The 5 oz. red organic selvedge chambray is very similar to our 6 oz. indigo counterpart. Besides the obvious colour and slight weight difference, this newly added adaptation is also woven with organic cotton, making it a more responsible choice going forward.

May 13, 2022