After refining the design of our worker jacket for quite some time, we’ve released this silhouette in the previous season. That first iteration brought along two moleskin fabrics, and a worker blue selvedge denim option. This season, we’re introducing a very special 10.5 oz. herringbone denim fabric.

We can call this a ‘denim’ fabric because of the ecru weft, which denim fabrics are typically known for. Due to this undyed weft, there is a variety of brown colour tones visible throughout the garment. The low-tension weave is another attribute to this fabric’s unique appearance, resulting in a beautiful irregular and almost wavy herringbone pattern. We’ve finished the jacket with a factory pre-wash, which gives the fabric even more character with an added vintage feel to it, resembling a waxed cotton twill that has been worn for some time.

To compliment the colour of the brown herringbone fabric, we’ve opted for brass metal trims throughout the garment. This goes for all buttons, as well as the rivet used at inside hidden pocket. They will age beautifully over time, which really coincides with the overall feel of this new worker jacket.

March 24, 2023