It’s time for another denim fading contest! We have partnered up with the Indigo Invitational, for their fourth edition (Y4), which is set to start on the 1st of January 2024. If you’re interested in participating, or would like to learn more about fading contests, the following article will get you up to speed. We also have an exciting but limited offer for you lined up, which involves the Japanese 18 oz. super slub denim, as pictured below.


One of the most exciting features of raw denim is the ability to fade over time, establishing a bond between wearer and jeans. By wearing a pair of raw denim jeans for an extended period, a unique and personal fading pattern will emerge that is exclusive to you only.

Long before Lennaert launched BENZAK in 2013, he was already participating in the phenomenon called denim fading contests. With this, a group of people would start wearing a pair of raw denim jeans all at the same time, usually for the period of one full year, trying to get the best fades as possible. After this year, all end results would be compared, and one pair crowned as winner.

Over the years, we have hosted two of these contests ourselves: one in 2017-2018 together with CULTIZM and Robin Denim, and one in 2021-2022 in collaboration with Samurai Jeans. You can check out the beautiful end results of the Samurai contest here.


The Indigo Invitational is the world’s largest and most-inclusive denim fading competition. Started in 2019, it draws the world’s top denim faders every year for a 365-day denim-fading free-for-all. Everybody starts at the same time with a brand new pair of raw denim. 365 days later, the best fades are selected by a panel of experts. The winners take home armloads of loot, but the best prize is the beautifully faded pair that is the result of a full year of dedication.

For more info on the Indigo Invitational, and how to sign up, please check out their website.


We have been an official sponsor for the Indigo Invitational for some time already, helping them out with prizes for winning pairs. Now, for Y4, we also have a special offer prior to start. We offer 50% discount on all three cuts available in the super slub 18 oz. RHT. During check out, you can use coupon code SUPERSLUBY4 to redeem the discount. Please note however, that we’ve put a cap of 50 uses on the code, so don’t sleep on it! 

The highest placed BENZAK jeans from Y3 has been the BDD-711 super slub 18 oz. RHT, and is the one we have photographed for this article.

October 13, 2023