Comfort and an easy-to-wear mentality becomes more important every season, so with that in mind we’ve developed our take on this direction: the low tension one-wash 12 oz. RHT. This new fabric comes in two of our more generous fits: BDD-707 and BDD-710N.

With its 12 oz. and low tension weave, this new Japanese fabric is essentially the lightweight version of our special #1 fabric. Low tension means that the denim is woven with a low tension setting on the loom, as opposed to a tight weave construction. This results in a fabric with irregularities and a lot of character. On top of that, we’ve also given these jeans a factory-rinse, hence the name ‘one-wash’.

The combination of a loose weave and the one-wash, give these jeans a very short break-in time and make them very comfortable from the very first wear-day.

As we’re aiming for comfort with this pre-washed denim, BDD-707 and BDD-710N are the most suitable fit choices to accommodate this concept. BDD-707 is a regular straight fit inspired by a 1940s classic silhouette; BDD-710N is our relaxed fit with a slightly tapered leg. For a detailed overview of these and all other fits, go check out our fit guide.

Another quick way to distinguish both styles, is the different designs used for the coin pockets. You might recognize the source of inspiration for these (hint: two of ‘the big 3’).

All other details like the buttons, rivets, and back pocket stitching, are the same as you’d find on every jeans from our made in JP line. However, we’ve swapped the leather patch for a jacron version. Jacron is a paper-like material that ages really beautiful with wear and wash, which you can already see happening on these pieces due to the factory rinse.

The low tension O/W 12 oz. RHT is now available in both fits, and also, for the first time ever, in two different inseam lengths (L32 and L35).

March 01, 2023