Besides introducing new fabrics, we’re also big proponents in maintaining a strong core collection. For that reason, we’re reviewing the longest running fabric in our ‘made in Japan’ line: the heavy slub 16 oz. RHT. The fabric is in the heavier range of fabrics and is woven with slub yarns, hence the name ‘heavy slub’. Besides the slubby texture, the jeans are constructed using a low-tension weave, resulting in a wavy pattern which is visible on the inside. These irregularities will enable the wearer to achieve high-contrast fades with lots of indigo shades, so it makes sense this fabric has been a popular one since its introduction in our collection.

It already was available in the BDD-006, BDD-711 and BDD-516, and now we’re adding our regular straight cut, the BDD-707, to its lineup. So, it felt like the perfect time to take a deep dive into this slubby, loosely woven, Japanese selvedge denim.

September 21, 2022