Being collectors ourselves we take great pride and joy in conserving our jeans, after they have been worn in and faded by the community. For that reason, we have not only been archiving these pieces physically in our studio, but also in a digital photography archive. This way the jeans are forever preserved, albeit in digital form, and we’re able to share a selection of them with you. The archive features pairs from all over the world, worn by our close-knit community, from casual faders to contest winners. This gallery can serve as inspiration for your next denim fading project and there’s even an option to directly shop similar styles and fabrics through our webshop.

Visit the fade archive here.

Do you own a pair of well-worn BENZAK jeans and want to donate them? Since our fade archive is an ever-growing gallery, we’re always interested to receive worn-in jeans (or jackets for that matter) in exchange for a discount on your next pair. Get in touch with us here.

December 20, 2023