In celebration of our 10-year anniversary we’ve created a special denim banner, as a gift for retailers stocking the exclusive 10YA jeans. The banner pays homage to a famous advertising banner by Levi’s, depicting a cowboy smoking a cigarette while resting against his saddle and enjoying the setting sun. In our iteration, the BENZAK European made mascot watches over mount Fuji, combining elements of both our EU and Japanese lines.

The fabric used for these banners comes from a ‘test’ roll of the 10YA denim (see full description below), containing some weaving errors and shading variants. To not let an otherwise beautiful fabric go to waste, we’ve decided to dedicate it to this project, considering the ‘B-choice’ aspects wouldn’t matter for this specific purpose, and further adding to our sustainable mindset.

Besides the ones for our retailers, we’ve produced a few extra pieces, which are now available for purchase in our webshop, albeit in limited quantities.


April 26, 2024