We’re finalizing the SS24 drops with a lightweight denim fabric perfect for the upcoming warmer months: 11 oz. neppy selvedge. But weight is not the only aspect that sets itself apart from the rest, its neppy structure makes it truly stand out.

Neps are small pieces of accumulated cotton, that pop out of the surface, and give the denim its unique and irregular structure. Just zoom in and you will notice the various sizes of these fluffy pieces of excess cotton protrude from the fabric. It resembles freshly fallen snow in winter, sitting on the surface of the denim, despite this fabric being the perfect contender for your summer rotation; how’s that for a nice contrast!

The fabric is woven with a low tension, further emphasizing on its irregular structure; this is best seen on the back side of the fabric, when turning up your hems. Do not confuse its neppy structure for slubs however, even though they share similar charactaristics, slubs are not the same. Slubs are different thicknesses in the length of a yarn, while neps are pieces of excess cotton sitting on top of the yarn. This also means that a yarn can be slubby and have neps at the same time, and in a way our 11 oz. neppy selvedge has both as well; due to the thinner properties of this denim, the neps are much more pronounced in comparision to the slubby structure.

This 100% cotton fabric is unwashed and feels stiff and crispy, which will loosen up with wear and wash. If you’re already familiar with low tension fabrics, you’ll know what to expect. It always takes some time and dedication to break in a pair, but with a lighter weight it’s just that little bit easier. When washing the jeans for the first time, the fabric will tighten up slightly and looses the majority of its starch, darkening up the indigo somewhat.

The denim has been woven on a shuttle loom with a wider reach, creating a wider-than-normal selvedge denim. To waste as less fabric as possible in cutting, we are only utilizing the selvedge on the front leg panels, and we’ve cut out the back leg panels from the middle of the fabric; this results in a half-selvedge, half-overlocked outseam construction. You can find the same construction method on our recently released BP-06 SCOUT PANTS 9 oz. slate duck selvedge canvas.

The 11 oz. neppy selvedge is now available in B-01 SLIM and B-04 RELAXED.


April 10, 2024