We are back with yet another colour variant of our 6.5 oz. cord stripe series: blue & white. After the brown and white striped versions, blue has now entered the collection as well, expanding on our seasonal shirt offering.

What makes this fabric special, in all colour options, is its structure; it resembles a seersucker, but is in fact a fine cord fabric. This construction gives it an uneven surface with a load of texture, while its relatively lightweight makes it drape down nicely when worn.

As with every version of this shirt, the buttons are made from recycled paper, resembling a tortoiseshell pattern. You don’t have to worry about washing though, the paper has been pulverized to its cellulose structure and then mixed with fillers, binders, and dyestuff, to create a button as strong as plastic, but more eco-friendly.

 The BWS-01 WORK SHIRT 6.5 oz. blue & white cord stripe is now available in our webshop.
We have a limited quantity of the 6.5 oz. brown cord stripe variant on offer as well.


April 05, 2024