As denim developers we’re constantly looking for new and interesting fabric ideas. We offer a large and ever-growing selection of core denim options, covering most of what’s available and fits within the concept of the brand. Our weights range from 11 to 18 oz., and we have a large variety of casts and constructions, as well as different coloured wefts and non-indigo denim fabrics. With all that we currently offer, there isn’t much to add to… except for the fabric composition itself.

We have been experimenting with organic and recycled cotton the last couple of seasons, but what if we were to replace the cotton for something entirely different?

Enter hemp

This sustainable and strong fibre is making its first steps into our collection this SS24 season. We have sourced two unique selvedge denim fabrics that we’re using for five different styles (jeans, chinos and an overshirt). All of these are currently available already, but in this article, we’ll be focusing on the 14 oz. easy fade hemp selvedge.

This brand-new fabric has been woven using the same warp yarns as our 14 oz. easy fade LHT selvedge. The indigo that is used to dye the warp is characterised by its ability to fade a lot quicker than any other indigo. This shortens the break-in time and will provide a nicely faded look in a shorter period. This special indigo has been trademarked as Indigo Juice® by its inventor Candiani Denim.

If you want to know more about the easy fade technique you can check out our previous article about the LHT version here.

The warp of the fabric (which accounts for 63% of the total composition) is entirely made from organic cotton. The undyed weft is spun from a combination hemp and conventional cotton (roughly 55%/45%). Hemp is known for its strength and breathability, and due to its cultivating methods, a lot more sustainable compared to cotton. The inside surface can be slightly rougher, but this only adds to the crispiness of the fabric, accelerating the high contrast fading capabilities even further.

There is so much more to write up on the subject of hemp, but we intent to keep our articles brief and to-the-point. The Hemp Gazette has written an easy-to-digest piece on the hemp fibre and all the ins and outs of hemp, including cultivation and its benefits, which you can check out here.

The 14 oz. easy fade hemp selvedge is now available in B-01 SLIM & B-02 STRAIGHT.


February 28, 2024