During the development of our AW22 collection we realised that we would end up with some extra meters of our 15.5 oz. RCI selvedge fabric, which we premiered in our B-01 SLIM and B-03 TAPERED jeans. Knowing that we also had a leftover roll of Japanese blanket fabric at our disposal, we decided to put the two together and repurpose these fabrics that otherwise might have ended up discarded.

When combining a selvedge denim with a blanket fabric, the outcome seemed quite obvious; a banket lined denim jacket. This is a direct nod to the Lee Storm Rider, which introduced this type of lining all the way back in the early 50s. They started out using saddle blanket fabrics as lining for the jackets, giving the wearer more comfort and warmth. Even though the types of blanket lining and patterns have varied a lot throughout the years, the look has become very recognisable ever since its inception.

This however, is not where the repurposing of these leftover fabrics ends. When calculating the amount needed of both rolls, there was a surplus of the blanket fabric. Therefore, we needed yet another purpose for the final meters to waste as little fabric as possible. As this fabric is very soft to the touch and has a distinct look, we figured it would serve well as a pillowcase.

You might know that BENZAK was founded by my brother Lennaert, but I joined the company many years ago as well. What makes the realization of these pillowcases extra special, is that we were able to keep this as close to home as we possibly could, as our mother is a trained upholsterer, and therefore the perfect candidate for the job. She’s even assisted by our sister, who is a fashion design student -- keeping it all in the family.

We did feel like we were missing the usage of a denim fabric for the first BENZAK pillow ever, as we pride ourselves on being denim developers. While contemplating on what to do, we stumbled upon yet another roll of leftover fabric. It was the tiger selvedge denim which we introduced all the way back in 2019, and it was just waiting for a purpose right here in our office archive. Albeit a small amount, it was sufficient to add a selvedge denim option to our pillow lineup.

So here we are, one jacket and three pillowcases, all made with leftovers fabrics that might have been gone to waste otherwise. Needless to say, the jacket is limited in quantity and will not be re-stocked. (It actually can’t be restocked, since we’ve literally used every last bit of the fabrics needed to produce it). The pillows are now available for pre-order, and will be until Friday January 6th 2023. Deliveries are expected the week after. We’re really happy to end this year on a sustainable note, and to see as little beautiful fabric as possible go to waste.


- Eduard Nijgh

December 14, 2022