This being the final release of the AW23 collection, we’ve kept one of our favourite pieces for last: BWS-05 CPO OVERSHIRT 14 oz. dark navy wool mosser. This type of shirt style is based on a classic CPO shirt, which stands for Chief Petty Officer. It was originally worn by US navy officers in the previous century. It’s a perfect example of a design with military roots that has become part of modern-day fashion. It’s very recognizable due to its simple, yet utilitarian design. Depending on the weather, the overshirt can double as a regular shirt or a jacket, and it also features four pockets to keep your belongings safe. All these attributes make it a versatile piece and a staple for anyone’s winter wardrobe.

The fabric is a 14 oz. wool mosser twill, woven in Japan by Collect Mills. It’s characterized by a moss-like, fluffy construction. It’s made to keep you warm and it’s essentially the same type of fabric that was used for the original. The inside cuffs and collar are usually points that wear out quicker, so we’ve finished them with a cotton-poly twill to improve its longevity. We have pre-washed the shirt in the factory to get rid of almost all shrinkage, but we’d recommend to always use a cold wash program for wool garments, just to be sure.

Our friends at Heddels have written an interesting article on the history of CPO shirts, so if you’d like to learn more about this quintessential piece, we’d recommend to check it out here.

The CPO overshirt is now available through our webshop.

October 25, 2023