Next to our extensive core denim offer, our seasonal collections always contain at least one special denim. For this winter season, we’re bringing back a denimhead’s favourite: the Japanese 14 oz. double indigo selvedge.

Double indigo fabrics have always played a significant role in our collections to some extent. A very similar fabric was introduced back in 2014, as part of the made in Japan lineup, in the BDD-006 cut. Some of you might remember this fabric as the dark tone 14 oz. RHT.

Over the past years we’ve had different variations of double indigo fabrics, both in our Japanese and European made lines. However, it’s been missing from the collection the last few seasons; but now, for AW23, we’re very excited to be able to re-introduce a new double indigo selvedge denim, available in the B-01 SLIM cut.

Worn in examples of previous double indigo fabrics.


14 oz. double indigo selvedge is characterised by both warp and weft being indigo dyed. This creates a super deep and dark look but will brighten up over time, as the indigo will slowly chip off both sides of the fabric. The construction of this Japanese denim is slightly irregular which creates depth on the surface and becomes more apparent with wear and wash. Double indigo fabrics tend to feel a bit stiffer in comparison with fabrics of the same weight; this is the result of the dyed weft. It might take a bit of time to fully break in this denim, but the evolution of a double indigo fabric is something we’d highly recommend experiencing at least once for any denim head.


As this being a seasonal special, we’ve decided to release it in the most relevant cut for a deep colour like double indigo: the B-01 SLIM. This fit follows a slim tapered silhouette all the way down the leg. It’s a versatile cut leaving enough room for extended movement and an all-round snug fit. We’ve developed the B-01 with a curved waistband which creates a figure-hugging super comfortable top-block. The slim fit is a versatile style for a multitude of occasions. The B-01 SLIM’s shape allows for an effortless smart-casual style and is also suitable for a refined laidback look. The name ‘slim’ might scare away some of you guys at first, but due its shape it works very well in all sizes; don’t confuse it with the word ‘tight’, the cut will simply give a slim appearance when worn, despite the size.

The B-01 SLIM 14 oz. double indigo selvedge is one of our seasonal specials and is now available, but please be aware that quantities are limited for this one.

September 15, 2023