Moving into the second drop of our SS24 collection, we start with a pair of overshirt styles in a brand-new fabric: BWS-03 MILITARY OVERSHIRT in an 8 oz. Japanese ripstop, available in the colours navy and olive drab.

The BWS-03 is one of our best-selling shirts which gets a few new fabric options every season. It has a versatile silhouette that can both function as a shirt and a jacket, depending on the season; hence the name ‘overshirt’. This makes it perfect for layering. The design is simple yet utilitarian and takes inspiration from a 60s military shirt style. It features two large chest pockets with rectangular flaps and two handwarmer pockets. The cuff slits are finished with a continuous strip for durability, and the bottom is cut straight.

Ripstop fabrics are characterised by their reinforced construction and light-weight properties. These two elements make them resistant to tearing and ripping while maintaining their durability and versatile functionality. It’s woven with thicker yarns at intervals of a couple of millimetres in both warp and weft direction; this creates the distinct visible crosshatch pattern. Ripstop fabrics are commonly constructed from synthetic fibres; however, our version is 100% cotton, which increases its breathability, creating a more comfortable wearing experience.

The BWS-03 MILITARY OVERSHIRT is now available in an 8 oz. Japanese ripstop, in the colours navy and olive drab.


March 20, 2024