In one of our previous blog posts we introduced our first hemp-infused fabric of the SS24 collection, the 14 oz. easy fade hemp selvedge, available in B-01 SLIM and B-02 STRAIGHT. Simultaneously with this release, we also silently launched another selvedge hemp fabric, which we’ll be highlighting in this blog: 11.5 oz. stay-blue hemp selvedge.

In case you’ve missed the previous blog, clicking here will take you there.

Available in three of our staple cuts (two chinos and one overshirt), this new fabric is essentially the opposite of the previous hemp construction. While the easy fade denim is made for quick fading, the stay-blue hemp selvedge is not; in fact, due to its properties it fades slowly and stays dark blue, hence the name. This is especially interesting for garments that you want to keep dark and uniform for certain occasions, or just for a preferred look.

The construction of this denim is very similar to our 11 oz. military selvedge denim from two summer seasons ago, but with the cotton weft replaced by hemp. Hemp is considered a strong and breathable fiber, and due to the use of much less water during cultivation, a lot more sustainable compared to cotton. We have pre-washed the garments in the factory, so the roughness of the hemp has already been eliminated, resulting in an out-of-the-box comfortable feeling.

The 11.5 oz. stay-blue hemp selvedge is now available in BC-01 TAPERED CHINO, BC-03 STRAIGHT CHINO, and BWS-03 MILITARY OVERSHIRT.


March 06, 2024